About the Author, Andrea Dye

Andrea's spiritual lightbulb began to flicker to life in Tucson, Arizona in 1991 when she committed to a year of in-patient care for alcoholism. 9,132 days later that light is ablaze in Asia with her golf-crazed husband and bed-hog of a poodle. Known for her green smoothies and uncompromising honesty, she dabbles in various writing projects and charity work. Friends say she’s a loyal free thinker and a genuine human being with a perfect smile.

Excerpt from *Note to Newcomers

Everyone is looking for something different when they take the time to read books like this one. Some are looking for a deeper meaning in life and a better understanding of themselves. This wasn’t and still isn’t why I meditate or write or stay still. My spirit doesn’t appreciate chaos. It hurts me. I stop and breath and listen to protect myself from the pain that chaos crushes me with. As I twist and turn through my own continuing pursuit, I hope to be a beacon for anyone who thinks you can’t find a way from the war zone you’ve created inside yourself. A crumbling spirit ruled by hopeless fears, can be transformed into a beautiful beginning. I believe every pursuit matters and every person who takes true steps can lead a renewed and prosperous life.

Excerpt from Discovery

At the absolute core of all my inner work is a determination to find a serene and beautiful branch to perch upon. Once I came to terms with the life I have on this planet I started to get serious about making it something worthwhile. All the trappings of material success are worthless when my soul is in pain. When hope is lost, there’s a decision to make; revert to the fears that shake my everything or fly to a new branch and search for the sun.